Upgrade Your Living Space: Home Decor Tips and Trends for Australians

In the land Down Under, we’ve got a unique knack for creating living spaces that are not just functional, but also downright stunning. It’s all part of our laid-back, yet sophisticated lifestyle. Decorating your home is more than just about aesthetics—it’s about creating a personal sanctuary that reflects your taste and lifestyle.

A well-decorated home isn’t just a treat for the eyes. It’s a space where you can relax, entertain, and create memories with your loved ones. It’s your own private art gallery, filled with colours, textures, and patterns that tell your unique story. And the best part? There are no hard and fast rules! Whether you’re into the minimalist Scandi look or prefer a more eclectic, boho vibe, you can’t go wrong as long as it feels like home to you.

But, if you’re feeling a bit stumped on where to start, don’t worry. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of home decor. We’ll talk about the latest current home decor trends in Australia, how to create a cohesive design scheme, how to tackle room-specific decor, and even some fun DIY projects. Plus, we’ll look at when it might be time to bring in a professional designer. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Current Home Decor Trends in Australia

When it comes to interior design, Australians are at the forefront of setting trends. In recent years, we’ve seen a shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly decor. We’re reusing, recycling, and repurposing like never before, and the results are simply amazing!

Natural materials like wood and stone are having a major moment in Aussie homes. We’re moving away from synthetic materials and embracing the warmth, texture, and durability of these natural elements. They give our spaces an organic, grounded feel, which is just perfect for our connection with the great outdoors.

We’re also not shying away from bold colours and patterns. From vibrant feature walls to patterned textiles and wallpaper, we’re making bold statements and adding personality to our spaces. Plus, we’re mixing in some vintage and retro elements for a unique, curated look.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a peek at some real-world examples of Australian homes that are nailing these trends.

In a trendy terrace house in Melbourne, we see the perfect blend of the old and the new. The homeowner has seamlessly mixed mid-century furniture with modern pieces, creating a home that’s warm, inviting, and full of character. Vibrant hues are splashed throughout the house—bold teal on the kitchen cabinets, a mustard yellow sofa in the living room, and an array of colourful Australian decorative accents that breathe life into the space.

Over in sunny Perth, we find a home that’s a testament to the beauty of natural materials. With wooden floors, stone countertops, and ample greenery, this house feels like an extension of the beautiful Australian landscape. The sustainable and eco-friendly decor choices not only make a design statement but also support the global shift towards conscious consumption.

Creating a Cohesive Design Scheme

While it’s fun to play around with different decor trends, it’s essential to create a cohesive design scheme in your home. A well-planned design scheme creates harmony and balance, giving your home a polished, professional look.

The first step in creating a cohesive design scheme is choosing a colour palette. Selecting a base colour and a few accent hues that you’ll use throughout your home is a great way to create a sense of unity. And remember, your chosen palette should reflect your personality and the mood you want to set in your home.

Next up, we have patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid to mix and match—this can add depth and interest to your space. A striped rug, a floral throw pillow, or a textured wall can make a world of difference. Just make sure to balance things out, so your space doesn’t feel too chaotic.

When it comes to furniture, remember that it’s not just about looks—it’s also about functionality. Your furniture should complement your decor, but it should also suit your lifestyle and the way you use your space. For example, if you love hosting dinner parties, a large dining table would be a worthy investment. If you’re a movie buff, a comfy sofa is a must-have. And don’t forget about space planning—it’s important to arrange your furniture in a way that allows for easy movement and conversation.

And lastly, let’s talk about lighting. The right lighting design can make or break your decor. It can highlight your favourite pieces, set the mood, and even make your space look bigger. So, spend some time thinking about how you can use lighting to enhance your design scheme.

But enough talk—let’s look at some Australian homes that have nailed the art of creating a cohesive design scheme.

Take a tour of this breezy Bondi apartment. The homeowner has chosen a soothing palette of white, blue, and sandy hues, reflecting the beautiful coastal scenery. The patterns and textures used are a mix of soft linens, woven jute rugs, and rustic timber, creating a relaxed, beachy vibe. And the lighting? Well, with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing plenty of natural light, the space looks airy and bright, even on the cloudiest of days.

Then we have this stunning heritage home in Adelaide. The owners have stuck to a sophisticated colour scheme of greys, blacks, and pops of jewel tones. The furniture is a mix of modern and antique pieces, adding depth and character. Every corner of the house tells a story, thanks to the carefully selected decorative accents and artwork. The lighting design perfectly highlights these pieces and sets a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Decorating Specific Rooms

Now that we’ve covered general decor principles, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty—decorating specific rooms. Each room in your home serves a unique purpose, and your decor should reflect that.

Starting with the living room, the heart of the home. This is where you entertain guests, relax after a long day, and maybe even enjoy meals. So, you’ll want a comfortable sofa that can withstand daily use. Add in a few statement pieces—a vibrant rug, an abstract painting, or a stylish coffee table—to give your living room a unique touch. And remember, creating a cosy atmosphere is key. Soft lighting, plush cushions, and a few cosy throws can make your living room the perfect spot for a Netflix binge or a catch-up with mates.

When it comes to bedroom decor, think calm and serene. Your choice of bedding can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your room. Opt for quality fabrics that feel good against your skin. Lighting plays a crucial role too. Think soft, ambient lighting that creates a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. As for decor, it’s all about personal touches—family photos, your favourite artwork, or a collection of books can make your bedroom truly your own.

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and for a good reason. It’s where meals are prepared, coffee is brewed, and stories are shared. Functional elements, like open shelving and a well-designed workspace, are crucial. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it stylish. A unique backsplash or some fun, colourful appliances can make your kitchen both practical and Instagram-worthy.

Moving on to the bathroom, this should be your personal spa—a place where you can unwind and pamper yourself. Start by selecting the right tiles—they can add colour, texture, and pattern to your bathroom. Don’t forget about fixtures—go for styles that suit the overall decor of your home. And to create a spa-like atmosphere, add some luxurious elements, like plush towels, scented candles, and some indoor plants.

But, why just take our word for it? Let’s explore some real-world examples of Australian homes that have aced room-specific decor.

In a charming Brisbane bungalow, the living room boasts a beautiful velvet sofa, vintage rugs, and an impressive gallery wall. The bedroom, on the other hand, is a peaceful retreat with soft linens, muted colours, and ambient lighting. The kitchen is a fusion of function and style, with open shelving displaying beautiful dinnerware and a colourful tile backsplash adding a fun element. The bathroom feels like a boutique hotel, with geometric tiles, modern fixtures, and a basket full of fluffy white towels.

DIY Home Decor Projects

Home decor doesn’t have to be pricey. With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can add personal touches to your living space. Repurposing old furniture and decor items, for example, is a great way to save money and reduce waste. With some paint and new hardware, you can turn a drab old dresser into a chic statement piece.

Wall art is another area where you can let your creativity shine. From creating a gallery wall with your favourite photos to painting a mural, the possibilities are endless. And the best part? It’s a fun project that you can do on your own or with your family.

Need some inspiration? Check out these Australian DIY home decor projects.

Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

Sometimes, it’s worth calling in the pros. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with decor choices, need help with space planning, or simply want a professional touch, hiring an interior designer can be a game-changer. They can bring your vision to life, make the most of your space, and even help you save money in the long run.

But, how do you find the right designer? Start by defining your style and budget. Then, research potential designers, look at their portfolios, and read reviews. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, set up consultations to see who you click with. Remember, it’s important to feel comfortable with your designer—they’ll be transforming your personal space, after all.

Want to see what a professional can do? Here are some Australian homes that have been transformed by interior designers.


There you have it—your comprehensive guide to home decor, Aussie style. We’ve explored the importance of home decor in Australian culture, delved into current trends, and shared tips for creating a cohesive design scheme. We’ve also covered room-specific decor and fun DIY projects, and discussed when it might be time to hire a professional.

But remember, the best decor is the one that feels like home to you. So, take these tips as a starting point, but don’t be afraid to break the rules and let your personality shine. After all, as the saying goes, ‘Home is where the heart is’. So, why not start elevating your living space today?

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